Supportal - Remote Customer Access

Supportal is a stand-alone, browser based real-time reporting tool only available for our support contracts. The system gives account managers, resellers and end-users secure, quick and easy access to all their critical information. Supportal has been tailored specifically to handle our support contracts and is only available to users with a valid username and password. To obtain access to Supportal follow this link Validate Supportal and we will send you a valid username and password.

Supportal allows you to:
  • Log support calls online - Service call logging with diary, SLA escalation and full audit trail.
  • View reports and call history - All the critical call information about calls logged, call status, solutions, escalation, SLA calculations and more.
  • Reseller resources - Supportal is crammed with goodies only available to our support resellers.
  • Marketing Literature specifically designed to enable resellers to re-brand services to fit seamlessly with their other IT offers.
  • Downloadable Technical Resources - stay up-to-date with Audit scripts such as HPUX, Solaris.
​Please note that Supportal only works in Internet Explorer.