Storage Reassurance Services

Realising the maximum potential of storage infrastructures can be a complex and time consuming, however, with Storage Reassurance services from SMS, storage optimisation, storage connectivity optimisation and storage risk assessments are a simple task that can increase data availability, reduce costs and enable proactive management of your critical data infrastructure. Focusing on storage hardware utilisation, storage connectivity and risk, the SMS Storage Reassurance service provides a clear path for remediation of issues, enabling you to optimise this critical component of your business which will boost productivity and generate a greater ROI.

Service benefits:
  • Identifies risk
  • Reduces cost
  • Reduces unplanned application downtime
  • Improves data availability
  • Enables proactive management
Service value:
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater SAN ROI
  • Reduced IT staffing requirements

A simple solution for your complex challenges.​

In contrast to complex and cumbersome storage resource management tools, the SMS Storage Reassurance service is simple, secure, comprehensive, automated and easy to implement. In a matter of days, SMS can help your business assess the current state of its Storage Area Network (SAN) and then develop an action plan to address problem areas that exhibit elevated levels of risk.

By identifying and proactively addressing risks to your SAN environment, you can reduce data loss, solve backup and/or restore issues, remedy out-of-date firmware, resolve pathing issues and overcome many other SAN-related challenges. In addition to daily storage administration, the SMS Storage Reassurance service can also help to ensure a higher level of success for large storage and infrastructure projects such as data migrations, data centre consolidations, new storage rollouts, storage refreshes and disaster recovery planning, design and implementation.

With multiple methods for implementation and data collection, the SMS Storage Reassurance service is a simple solution with unprecedented flexibility that allows you and your IT staff to remain focused on core business objectives. Using an agent-less tool to gather SAN data points, a detailed report is generated that provides the information required to optimise storage resources, optimise storage connectivity and mitigate risks throughout your SAN environment.

This point-in-time snapshot includes a score card with identified risks measured against industry best practices. With this single pane view of your storage environment and SMS’ professional services, you can easily mitigate the exposed risks that threaten your business operations. Once the identified issues have been addressed, the Storage Reassurance service can be re-executed to provide a new relative score. In time, and with multiple point-in-time snapshots, storage risk trend analysis can be provided.

Report details:

  • Single pane view of all elements in your storage environment
    • Enterprise roll-up with linkage down to the sub-component level
  • Risk assessment (score card)
    • Quantitative metric for data risks
    • Evaluation of data risks compared to industry standards
    • Mitigation steps for reducing data risks
  • Data flow map
    • Complete HBA to LUN mapping through the fibre channel connectivity infrastructure
    • Graphical representation of complete end-to-end component modeling
  • Storage inventory
    • Complete counts of all components, including manufacturer and firmware levels
    • Size/capacity information throughout the SAN

After your SAN data is compiled and analysed, highly experienced SMS consultants are available to guide you in developing an issue remediation, storage optimisation or project plan. SMS also provides most any remediation service your business requires, which allows your internal IT staff to remain focused on their core objectives, saving time and money.

OEM Support Listing

Note: Not all supported OEMs may be listed.
OEMs supported:   
EMCHitachi Data SystemsNetApp
Brocade SwitchesHPOracle/Sun
Cisco SwitchesIBMQLogic Switches