Specialty Devices & Engineering Support

As one of the largest and most respected full-service IT hardware support providers in the world, businesses rely on SMS' many decades of experience and extensive global infrastructure for a wide variety of mission-critical support services. No matter how stringent the support requirements are, SMS' Special Projects Teams provide end-users, support companies, channel partners and manufacturers with comprehensive support solutions that are adaptive, extremely efficient and cost-effective.

With over a million devices supported globally, SMS offers customized support for a broad range of specialty data centers, hospital systems, retail POS, mobile device management and network device monitoring. The most common requirements are focused in the following device disciplines:

  • Scanning and monitoring device support in hospitals and clinics
  • Monitoring and testing devices for petroleum exploration and production
  • Display and custom kiosks support in airports, hotels, malls and restaurants
  • Mobile display terminal support for police, EMT and numerous other industries
  • ATM support in banks and retail locations
  • Manufacturing and other specialized robotics support for packaging systems, pharmaceutical processing and food and beverage processing.
Service benefits:
  • Expert Field Engineering Team supported globally by 60+ specialists in the SMS Central Engineering Group
  • ISO Certified Quality Facility Operations (ISO 9001:2008)
  • Proactive support minimizes risk, improves efficiencies and maximizes device uptime
  • Enhanced service contract, service incident and asset management via SMS' proprietary, cloud-based SaaS application, Supportal
  • Expert guidance throughout device lifecycles
Service Value:
  • Competitively priced device support
  • Increased ROI per device by extending lifecycles using outsourced support
  • Easily and cost-effectively fill resource gaps
  • Tailored SLAs that allow optimization of response and repair requirements for each device
Specialty Outsourcing & Engineering services highlights:
  • Technical support available throughout North America and much of Europe and Asia
  • Cross-functional, multi-platform experienced full-time Field Engineers
  • Centralized core competencies produce consistent results globally
  • Tailored to meet exact business requirements
  • Device lifecycle services provide enhanced support scalability
  • Support for critical devices throughout many industries including:
    • Healthcare
    • Oil and gas
    • Retail
    • Food and beverage
    • Emergency services
    • Banking
    • Manufacturing
    • Pharmaceutical
    • And more
  • Supporting a wide variety of critical devices such as:
    • Scanning and monitoring equipment
    • Displays and custom kiosks
    • Mobile display terminals
    • Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)
    • Specialized robotics
    • Oil and gas monitoring and testing equipment
    • And more

Sound systems, processes and methodologies to support the most critical devices.

Well known by Gartner and IDC, and having a long list of support references, SMS offers more than a simple break/fix service. Whether contracted device support is needed for field service augmentation to fill resource gaps, or required as a full-service lifecycle support solution, SMS can meet the challenge. With efficiency, global delivery consistency and cost effectiveness built into the foundation of its support infrastructure, SMS provides unequaled critical device protection that helps businesses meet their operational and budgetary goals. Primary components of this infrastructure include a Central Engineering support team, full-time field technicians deployed in most major cities working from "brick and mortar" support facilities and parts depots, and a 24x7x365 global contact center which manages automated system alerts, phone-in support requests and dispatch communications between SMS field engineering teams and a base of highly demanding clients.

Regardless of whether support needs are focused on outdoor locations, remote locations, manufacturing floors, office environments or retail spaces, effective field support begins with solid methods and processes. All client specialty device support requirements are vetted by Central Engineering lab team experts, parts logistics specialists, operations teams and project management professionals to determine the best approach for ensuring precise installations, thorough diagnostics and rapid corrective procedures. This thorough process mitigates business risk, minimizes device downtime, increases operational efficiency and productivity, and improves customer service and satisfaction. Precise planning, systems analysis and listening closely to the wants and requirements of the client allow SMS to tailor every aspect of its support service including field training, parts inventory and logistics, metrics development, performance tracking and the most viable options for field testing and pilot programs.

Listening closely to its clients' needs in order to provide a proactive and consultative service, SMS provides expert guidance over the course of a device's lifecycle, helping to create new efficiencies in operations and simplifying the responsibilities of operations and device managers.

Reliable support, expert guidance and earned trust that allows you to breathe easy.

At the heart of the SMS Specialty Devices & Engineering Support service is a team of highly trained and experienced field engineers, not only well-versed in supporting complex data center hardware, but who also exemplify a passion for establishing the best practice support models for nearly any specialty device. These skilled individuals bring much more than "by the book" procedural knowledge, they are out-of-the-box thinkers able to solve complex problems even when they stem from multiple system failures or connected devices. This multi-platform, OEM-independent comprehension of electromechanical and IT systems enables rapid repair times and greatly reduces risk to business operations.

The core of SMS' support infrastructure is the Central Engineering Group (CEG). This 60+ member team is comprised of some of the world's finest level three and four technical support personnel, many of which began their careers at the largest OEMs in development and/or systems training.

SMS' client-first philosophy is evident from day one.

From the moment SMS is contacted, through service commencement and on-going support, businesses experience the dedication SMS has for keeping the client's best interests in mind. Evidence of this can be found in many aspects of its Specialty Device and Engineering Support offering such as:

  • Committed to best practices yet always flexible to its client's service requirements
  • Unlimited access to Supportal for asset management, service contract management, incident tracking and reporting
  • Strategic policies and processes such as:
    • Service assurance process that enables a seamless transition to SMS service
    • Site audits for new clients that provide a complete and accurate inventory of assets or specialty devices
    • Carefully designed parts sparing process and strategic stocking locations ensuring all required parts are available when and where needed
  • Consultation, guidance and support provided throughout device lifecycles ensuring budget dollars are spent wisely, which includes:
    • Device procurement and builds
    • Device tagging, deployment and tracking
    • Device changes, re-purposing and refurbishment
    • Data erasures and media destruction
    • Secure device disposal - following the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive - WEEE Directive and ISO9001

From the highly innovative support infrastructure, to the incredibly skilled and experienced support teams, no other independent specialty devices support provider can match the responsiveness, service quality and expert guidance provided by SMS.