Smart Hands Services

Ensuring IT staff resources are appropriately employed and performing tasks suitable to their job description can be challenging. The SMS Smart Hands service is designed to:

  • Alleviate the high cost of having expensive IT staff members perform routine tasks
  • Provide expert resources to global enterprises that may not have trained staff available at all locations
  • Provide expert resources to businesses that make use of collocations, where having a full-time employee would be uneconomical.
Service benefits:
  • Global Smart Hands availability
  • Provides cross-functional, multi-platform experienced engineers when and where needed
  • With over 55 US-based service centres and over 40 more worldwide, SMS Engineers are always nearby
  • Reduces the risk of inadvertent outages by leveraging only seasoned engineers
  • Mature processes allow for consistent execution
  • Reduction of suppliers entering facilities
Service value:
  • Reduces staff overhead
  • Removes need for temporary staffing
  • Ensures expensive internal resources are performing their intended functions
  • Reduces the cost of performing routine IT related tasks

Ensuring valuable resources are used wisely.

With the ongoing tightening of budgets, many IT departments are simply forced to use their top-talent for work that is well below their pay grade. Having a highly skilled IT staff member install a storage array, drive to a collocation to reboot a server or exchange a few tapes, will not only take that employee away from the work they should be performing, but is also extremely uneconomical.

Just a phone call away, our Smart Hands service is an ideal solution to prevent the wasteful use of time, money and resources. Tailored to fit your exact requirements and provided contractually or on-demand, this service offers IT leaders the flexibility and scalability required to ensure their staff’s valuable time and money are spent wisely.

Providing skilled and experienced resources when and where they are needed.

Our SMS Smart Hands service provides business with highly trained and experienced Engineers when and where they are needed to perform almost any task that may be required, such as:

  • Server installations
  • Inter-data centre relocations
  • Server reboots
  • Server diagnostics and troubleshooting assistance
  • Component upgrades
  • Server decommissioning
  • Tape/CD exchanges
  • Visual inspection of system(s)
  • Asset location verification
  • Periodic data centre walk-through to identify warning lights or other problems
  • Storage and cabinet inventories.

SMS Engineers can also assist clients with remote troubleshooting efforts by:

  • Providing issue remediation guidance
  • Conducting visual verifications
  • Issuing commands remotely
  • Reading system or console messages
  • Plugging in a console port for remote management
  • Taking pictures of equipment
  • Verifying serial numbers.

And, by having seasoned SMS Engineers performing these tasks, businesses can expect consistent process standards and execution, while reducing the risk of inadvertent outages.

Having the expertise required, only when needed, makes the SMS Smart Hands service a truly practical and convenient method for businesses to control costs while ensuring valuable employees are always working on their primary objectives. SMS is constantly innovating and improving upon its service offerings in order to solve and simplify the challenges of a business’ continually evolving IT environment. Take the next step and let SMS help your business thrive.