SMS Global Service Delivery

Service delivery excellence is an ongoing and global focus at SMS because of the expertise and dedication of individuals who take great pride in what they do, and how they do it. We support medium and large business around the world while maintaining a client retention rating of over 99 percent. SMS is dedicated to being a single, reliable source for all of your managed IT asset support solution requirements.

We deliver the highest quality of service, consistently across all platforms and geographies, while striving to exceed all service level agreement performance expectations and earning client loyalty through continuous process improvement.

Our client-first philosophy is the foundation of our long lasting client relationships.

Our policy has always been to be transparent with our clients on how we run our business so they develop a high level of confidence in our ability to support them. Our success, and the key to our past and continued growth, is the direct result of our client-driven services strategy and our client-first philosophy. The services we provide, and the expanded geographies in which we operate, are a direct result of this approach.

Client Services

To provide our clients with a seamless transition to SMS services, eliminate potential administrative oversight issues, and give unmatched control over their service contract, we provide:

  • A comprehensive service assurance process to ensure minimal risk when businesses switch to SMS services
  • Client Service Representatives to assist with contract management
  • Our Supportal SaaS application for IT asset and self-service contract management
  • Fix-IT-First® to ensure that administrative errors do not cause a lapse in coverage or support.

Locally Global Service Delivery

Our locally global service delivery model is structured in such a way that managed IT solutions are globally available, standardized, and controlled, but provide a local response, escalation, and management, along with the flexibility to meet the unique needs of all our clients.

We designed a globally integrated systems architecture that provides for centralized oversight and monitoring of all service activity which provides an additional level of protection to our clients. This centralized core competency provides for seamless global operational consistency. Always.