IT Asset Deployment & Installation

Numerous hurdles can be encountered while planning and executing  IT hardware installation or deployment projects, many of which will generate risk to business operations should there be any issues. Providing the expertise, tools and resources to plan and execute IT hardware installations, deployments, decommissioning, upgrades and configurations that are virtually seamless to client operations is the challenge that our IT Deployment and Installation service is designed to deliver.

Service Benefits:
  • Global availability

  • Single or simultaneous multi-site/multi-national projects

  • Cross-functional, multi-platform experienced team

  • Provides greater project flexibility and scalability

  • Allows for enhanced planning and decision making

  • Environmentally responsible processes (SMS follows the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive - WEEE Directive and ISO9001)

  • Focused on IT asset management best practices

Service Value:
  • Reduces installation and deployment costs

  • Reduces IT management and staff burden

  • Reduces employee overhead and/or need for temporary staffing and training

  • Creates added efficiencies in IT operations


IT Asset Deployment & Installation service highlights:
  • Project and engagement management

  • Project planning and scheduling

  • Local resources provided where needed

  • Internal training for quality control

  • Power up testing

  • Testing with OEM specific diagnostics

  • Installation and testing of add on components

  • Formatting and configuration of disk drives

  • Firmware updates

  • Re-verification of the hardware after installation using POST and OEM specific diagnostics

  • Set up and testing of any required remote management consoles

  • Labeling of hardware and cables

  • Market value analysis for decommissioned assets

  • Data erasure service (onsite or offsite)

  • Disk and tape destruction (onsite or offsite)

  • Certificates of erasure or destruction provided for each device

  • Asset packaging and transportation

Projects small, large, local or global, SMS is ready to ensure they are completed successfully.​

Whether your need is for a basic system installation, on-boarding of a business acquisition or a global technology refresh, we have skilled engineers ready to meet the challenge. With the experience of having performed thousands of IT hardware deployments and installations, the experts that make up our Transitional Services Team prepare for every project with a highly strategic approach and best practices framework. Specialised Project Managers work closely with our clients to plan and review every facet of an installation or deployment project. From budgeting requirements to market-value analysis of decommissioned assets, nothing is overlooked.

Because we use only highly skilled and experienced Systems Engineers, our deployment and installation projects are extremely efficient and carried out in a way that ensures minimal interruption to business operations and end-user productivity. Knowing that any project delays can lead to a loss of revenue for our clients, our Systems Engineers are able to precisely perform all deployment and installation tasks such as:

  • Equipment builds
  • Disk imaging
  • Configurations
  • Firmware updates
  • Testing
  • Asset labeling.

Having a high level of familiarity with all IT asset and platform types, our Systems Engineers are also able to quickly remedy hardware issues should they occur, and eliminate any other potential pitfalls that would cause additional labour costs or hinder a timely deployment. If pre-owned IT equipment plays a significant role in your data centre, our Engineers will ensure that any special installation and setup requirements are met.

Providing IT leaders with enhanced cost control.​

Our IT Asset Deployment and Installation service can be tailored to fit your business’ exact requirements, allowing you to strategically leverage only what is needed to fill your expertise and resource gaps. This flexibility enables strategic budget allocation and significantly reduces overall project costs.

We provide many advanced hardware deployment and installation services furthering your ability to get the expertise you require while controlling costs. These services include:

  • Site preparation
  • Staging (onsite or offsite)
  • Site audits/inventories
  • Configuration management
  • Swing equipment
  • Equipment takeouts and returns.

Providing IT leaders with smart project scalability.

Our IT Asset Deployment and Installation service can also be combined with many of our other complementary services to provide even greater flexibility and project scalability. These services include:

  • IT hardware support and maintenance
  • IT asset disposition (SMS follows the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive - WEEE Directive and ISO9001)
    • Complies with environmental protection regulations
    • Includes chain of custody reporting
  • Internal IT hardware audits
  • IT asset repurposing
  • IT asset resale.

Don't let IT asset installation and deployment tasks consume your business' valuable staff resources and budget. We offer the agility and flexibility of a local solutions provider, along with the expertise and resources of a global enterprise integrator to ensure our client’s projects are completed successfully and their money is spent wisely.