IT Maintenance and Support Features

Through innovation, we add value to every IT service solution we offer.

Our client-first philosophy and our determination to provide the highest quality IT service and support to our clients prompted us to create several service features that eliminate potential pitfalls in service delivery.

The following features are standard benefits recieved by all SMS IT maintenance clients:


Denial of service from maintenance providers due to warranty issues, misinterpreted serial numbers, or poor record keeping only adds to the challenges that IT managers regularly face.

With SMS and our Fix-IT-First policy, your service and support needs come first. You will never be denied service for:

  • Missing device serial numbers
  • Transposed device serial numbers
  • Adds or other changes to your infrastructure that were overlooked.

Our focus is to get you back up and running as soon as possible and worry about the paperwork later.


For mission critical systems support, businesses need a partner that can provide an immediate response with a working solution to get their system back in operation as soon as possible. Our regional HotSpares service feature ensures that when your field engineer arrives at your location, the parts-in-hand were tested in accordance with OEM specs.

All parts are tested in fully operational HotSpares systems that we stage in our regional service centers. 

Key benefits of our HotSpares service feature include:

  • Field engineers have tested parts in hand when they arrive at your site
  • HotSpares systems can be used as test systems to validate software and firmware changes prior to installing them on your production equipment
  • HotSpares systems can be utilized to troubleshoot intermittent software problems that you may have with your critical systems
  • HotSpares gives SMS the capability to enhance the skill level of field engineers that support your site with more frequent, hands-on experience and training. 

Simply put, you are ensured highly available, tested spares.

Site Audits and Sparing

Part of the initial process to transition your business to our support service is a complete IT asset inventory audit. Your local SMS Field Engineering Team conducts a detailed inventory audit and records IT asset serial numbers, IOS versions, firmware versions and general equipment configurations and then loads all data into our secure, SaaS application Supportal®.

When your Site Audit is complete, your local SMS Field Engineering Team will then analyze the data and ensure all required spare parts are tested and staged at your local SMS service center, not a remote centralized depot.