NetApp Hardware Maintenance & Support Services

SMS is one of the most respected independent NetApp® hardware maintenance and support providers in the world. With a cost-efficient support model designed for mission-critical post-warranty maintenance, we are able to provide substantial savings across NetApp hardware including NetApp F Series storage systems, NetApp FAS Series storage systems and NetApp (IBM® branded) N Series storage systems. By extending the useful life of NetApp storage systems beyond their End-of-Life declaration, we enable businesses to reduce the total cost of ownership and generate a greater return from their IT investments.

Well known by Gartner and IDC, and having a long list of NetApp support references, we offer more than a simple break/fix service. Listening closely to our clients’ needs in order to provide a proactive and consultative service, we provide expert guidance over the course of an IT asset’s lifecycle, helping to create new efficiencies in IT operations and simplifying the responsibilities of IT managers.

Service benefits:
  • Expert Field Engineering Team supported globally by 60+ specialists in the SMS Central Engineering Group
  • Proactive support maximises storage systems uptime
  • Enhanced service contract, service incident and IT asset management via SMS’ proprietary, online based application, SMS Supportal
  • Expert guidance throughout IT asset lifecycles
Service value:
  • Competitively priced NetApp support
  • Increased control of capital equipment expenses and a greater ROI from IT asset lifecycle extensions well beyond the OEM’s End-of-Life (EoL)/End-of-Service-Life (EoSL) declaration
  • Tailored SLAs that allow optimisation of response and repair requirements for each IT asset
NetApp Hardware Maintenance and Support highlights:
  • Average savings of 50% compared to NetApp
  • Global service availability
  • 90+ SMS-owned and operated service centres worldwide
  • Vast global network of trusted affiliates
  • 600+ highly trained, full-time Field Engineers located worldwide
  • Level 3 & 4 global technical support via 60+ member Central Engineering Group
  • Telephone software support for Data ONTAP products
  • Comprehensive service assurance process
  • Tailored, asset-level SLAs
  • Numerous methods for initiating a service request
  • Callback from Field Engineer within 30 minutes of service initiation
  • < 2-hour average response time
  • < 4-hour average MTTR
  • Field engineers arrive on-site with tested parts in-hand
  • Documented escalation procedures
  • Microcode/firmware support guidance
  • Carefully designed parts sparing system
  • Strategic stocking locations for parts and complete systems
  • Secure data erasure options available​
  • Fix-IT-First® policy
  • HotSparesSM process
  • Numerous professional services available including:
    • Data migrations​
    • LUN creation
    • Storage administration functions
    • Configuration changes
    • And more

​Reliable support, expert guidance and earned trust that allows you to breathe easy.​

Our support infrastructure is made up of many highly trained and experienced specialists well-versed in supporting most major OEM storage products. These specialists include:

  • OEM agnostic, multi-platform trained Field Engineers
  • Central Engineering Group (CEG) comprised of level three and four technical support specialists that provide global support to field operations
  • Specialised Product Managers
  • Product Development Managers
  • Hardware planning experts
  • IT asset management experts.

In order to mitigate risk, proactive support is required. Key components of our support infrastructure that enable proactive support include:

  • Call-home error alert monitoring allowing a rapid response and quick resolution of system issues. (Only available on NetApp storage systems equipped with the required features.)
  • Historical knowledgebase containing many decades worth of data on past NetApp hardware issues and resolutions. This information allows SMS to conduct failure trend analysis and stay one step ahead of system issues.

Enhancing our NetApp hardware support offering even further is the availability of NetApp OS support. When our NetApp hardware maintenance is paired with SMS’ ONTAP support, businesses receive an advanced level of protection from downtime and outages, ensuring maximum end-user productivity. Our NetApp OS support can also include many other professional services such as:

  • Configuration changes
  • LUN creation
  • Storage administration
  • Data migrations
  • And much more.

Going beyond the hardware and software support service to provide clients with an OEM neutral perspective and expert guidance is the SMS Hardware and Infrastructure Solutions Team. These specialists are available to help businesses better manage IT asset lifecycles, improve operational efficiencies and control costs with:

  • Operating and capital cost reduction modeling in hardware environments
  • Processing power improvement planning
  • Expanded storage planning
  • Hardware consolidation (with or without application consolidation drivers)
  • Emerging technologies advisement
  • Balancing TCO vs. the timeliness of OEM-driven technology innovation
  • Real evidence that “End of Marketing” does not always mean “End of Life”.

With an intense focus on providing exactly what the client needs, when the client needs it, at a price point that saves IT budgets versus breaking them, businesses can breathe easy with SMS as their partner and trusted advisor.

From our highly innovative support infrastructure, to our incredibly skilled and experienced support teams, no other independent NetApp hardware maintainer can match the responsiveness, service quality and expert guidance provided by SMS.

NetApp Storage Product Support Listing

Note: Not all supported products may be listed.
Supported NetApp Products
NetApp ModelIBM Branded ModelIBM Series
NetApp FAS2020IBM 2859-A10N3300 Model A10
NetApp FAS2020CIBM 2859-A20N3300 Model A20
NetApp FAS2240IBM 2859-A11N3400 Model A11
NetApp FAS2240CIBM 2859-A21N3400 Model A21
NetApp FAS2050IBM 2862-A10N3600 Model A10
NetApp FAS2050CIBM 2862-A20N3600 Model A20
NetApp FAS2070IBM 2863-A10N3700 Model A10
NetApp FAS2070CIBM 2863-A20N3700 Model A20
NetApp FAS270IBM 2863-A10N2863 Model A10
NetApp FAS270CIBM 2863-A20N2863 Model A20
NetApp FAS2220IBM 2857-A15N3150 Model A15
NetApp FAS2220IBM 2857-A25N3150 Model A25
NetApp FAS2240-2IBM 2857-A12N3220 Model A12
NetApp FAS2240C-2IBM 2857-A22N3220 Model A22
NetApp FAS2240-4IBM 2857-A14N3240 Model A14
NetApp FAS2240C-4IBM 2857-A24N3240 Model A24
NetApp FAS3020IBM 2864-A10N5200 Model A10
NetApp FAS3020CIBM 2864-A20N5200 Model A20
NetApp V3020IBM 2864-G10N5200 Model G10
NetApp V3020CIBM 2864-G20N5200 Model G20
NetApp FAS3040IBM 2869-A10N5300 Model A10
NetApp FAS3040CIBM 2869-A20N5300 Model A20
NetApp V3040IBM 2869-G10N5300 Model G10
NetApp V3040CIBM 2869-G20N5300 Model G20
NetApp FAS3050IBM 2865-A10N5500 Model A10
NetApp FAS3050CIBM 2865-A20N5500 Model A20
NetApp V3040IBM 2865-G10N5500 Model G10
NetApp V3040CIBM 2865-G20N5500 Model G20
NetApp FAS3070IBM 2868-A10N5600 Model A10
NetApp FAS3070CIBM 2868-A20N5600 Model A20
NetApp V3070IBM 2868-G10N5600 Model G10
NetApp V3070CIBM 2868-G20N5600 Model G20
NetApp FAS3140IBM 2858-A10N6040 Model A10
NetApp FAS3140CIBM 2858-A20N6040 Model A20
NetApp FAS3160IBM 2858-A22N6060 Model A22
NetApp FAS3170IBM 2858-A11N6070 Model A10
NetApp FAS3170CIBM 2858-A21N6070 Model A20
NetApp FAS3210IBM 2858-C10N6210 Model C10
NetApp FAS3210CIBM 2858-C20N6210 Model C20
NetApp FAS3240IBM 2858-C21N6210 Model C21
NetApp FAS3240IBM 2858-E11N6240 Model E11
NetApp FAS3240CIBM 2858-E21N6240 Model E21
NetApp FAS3270IBM 2858-C22N6240 Model C22
NetApp FAS3270IBM 2858-E12N6270 Model E12
NetApp FAS3270CIBM 2858-E22N6270 Model E22
NetApp FAS6030IBM 2866-A10N7600 Model A10
NetApp FAS6030CIBM 2866-A20N7600 Model A20
NetApp V6030IBM 2866-G10N7600 Model G10
NetApp V6030CIBM 2866-G20N7600 Model G20
NetApp FAS6040IBM 2866-A21N7700 Model A10
NetApp FAS6040CIBM 2866-A22N7700 Model A20
NetApp V6040IBM 2866-G21N7700 Model G10
NetApp V6040CIBM 2866-G22N7700 Model G20
NetApp FAS6070IBM 2867-A10N7800 Model A10
NetApp FAS6070CIBM 2867-A20N7800 Model A20
NetApp V6070IBM 2867-G10N7800 Model G10
NetApp V6070CIBM 2867-G20N7800 Model G20
NetApp FAS6080IBM 2867-A11N7900 Model A10
NetApp FAS6080CIBM 2867-A21N7900 Model A20
NetApp V6080IBM 2867-G11N7900 Model G10
NetApp V6080CIBM 2867-G21N7900 Model G20
NetApp FAS6280CIBM 2867-E22N7950T Model E22