IBM Storage Systems Maintenance Services

Storage solutions from IBM® have helped many businesses for decades. However, maintenance and support expenses can grow substantially if businesses continue to use OEM programs. Instead, consider a reliable, cost effective, independent partner like SMS.

SMS leads the independent hardware maintenance market by consistently offering new maintenance engineering services well ahead of our competition, at price points that cannot be beaten.

We maintain virtually all of the IBM tape and disk storage system families. SMS has designed its support program to fully protect your investment in the IBM Storage Family.

We specialize in IBM storage systems maintenance & support.

IBM storge systems maintenance from SMS is: 

  • Flexibility with customizable SLAs, invoicing and payment terms.
  • Aggressive escalation that involves senior engineers in all incidents.
  • 24/7/365 service with 15-minute response to page-outs and 4 hours on-site.
  • "Call home" feature on all call-home capable IBM storage products.
  • Skilled and cross-trained engineers backed by supervisory-level engineers.
  • Storage inventory of all critical back-up parts.
  • Regular preventative and remedial maintenance.
  • Proactive and regular reviews with the client to improve support.
You do not have to sacrifice service or support levels in order to meet budget constraints.

You have access to experts who understand storage hardware, capacity planning and environment planning. 

Contact SMS to discuss your specific IBM storage system maintenance and support needs and to discover SMS competitive pricing for all of your IT assets. SMS is ready to provide the expertise that you need at a cost-effective price.

IBM Storage System Product Support Listing

Note: Not all supported products may be listed.
IBM XIV PlatformIBM XIV Description
IBM XIV 2810 Model A14IBM XIV 2810 Model A14
IBM XIV 2812 Model A14IBM XIV 2812 Model A14
IBM ESS Shark PlatformIBM ESS Shark Description
IBM ESS Shark 2105 Model F20IBM Enterprise Storage Server 2105 Model F20
IBM ESS Shark 2105 Model 750IBM Enterprise Storage Server 2105 Model 750
IBM ESS Shark 2105 Model 800IBM Enterprise Storage Server 2105 Model 800
IBM DS6000 PlatformIBM DS6000 Description
IBM DS6xxx 1750 Model 511IBM DS6800 1750 Model 511
IBM DS6xxx 1750 Model 522IBM DS6800 1750 Model 522
IBM DS6xxx 1750 Model EX1IBM DS6800 1750 Model EX1
IBM DS6xxx 1750 Model EX2IBM DS6800 1750 Model EX2
IBM DS5000 PlatformIBM DS5000 Description
IBM DS5xxx 1818 Model 51AIBM DS5100 1818 Model 51A
IBM DS5xxx 1814 Model 20AIBM DS5020 1814 Model 20A
IBM DS5xxx 1818 Model 53AIBM DS5300 1818 Model 53A
IBM DS5xxx 1818 Model D1AIBM EXP5000 1818 Model D1A
IBM DS4000 PlatformIBM DS4000 Description
IBM DS4xxx 1740 Model 1RUIBM DS4000/EXP700 1740 Model 1RU
IBM DS4xxx 1740 Model 1RXIBM DS4000/EXP700 1740 Model 1RX
IBM DS4xxx 1740 Model 71JIBM DS4000/EXP700 1740 Model 71J
IBM DS4xxx 1740 Model 710IBM DS4000/EXP700 1740 Model 710
IBM DS4xxx 1724 Model 100IBM DS4100 1724 Model 100
IBM DS4xxx 1814 Model 7VAIBM DS4200 1814 Model 7VA
IBM DS4xxx 1722 Model 6LUIBM DS4300 1722 Model 6LU
IBM DS4xxx 1722 Model 60UIBM DS4300 1722 Model 60U
IBM DS4xxx 1742 Model 1RUIBM DS4400 1742 Model 1RU
IBM DS4xxx 1742 Model 90UIBM DS4500 1742 Model 90U
IBM DS4xxx 1814 Model 70AIBM DS4700 1814 Model 70A
IBM DS4xxx 1814 Model 70SIBM DS4700 1814 Model 70S
IBM DS4xxx 1814 Model 72AIBM DS4700 1814 Model 72A
IBM DS4xxx 1814 Model 72SIBM DS4700 1814 Model 72S
IBM DS4xxx 1815 Model 80AIBM DS4800 1815 Model 80A
IBM DS4xxx 1815 Model 82AIBM DS4800 1815 Model 82A
IBM DS4xxx 1815 Model 82HIBM DS4800 1815 Model 82H
IBM DS4xxx 1815 Model 84AIBM DS4800 1815 Model 84A
IBM DS4xxx 1815 Model 84HIBM DS4800 1815 Model 84H
IBM DS4xxx 1815 Model 88AIBM DS4800 1815 Model 88A
IBM DS3000 PlatformIBM DS3000 Description
IBM DS3xxx 1726 Model HC2IBM DS3200 1726 Model HC2
IBM DS3xxx 1726 Model HC3IBM DS3200 1726 Model HC3
IBM DS3xxx 1726 Model HC6IBM DS3200 1726 Model HC6
IBM DS3xxx 1726 Model HC8IBM DS3200 1726 Model HC8
IBM DS3xxx 1726 Model HC7IBM DS3300 1726 Model HC7
IBM DS3xxx 1726 Model HC4IBM DS3400 1726 Model HC4
IBM DS3xxx 1727 Model HC1IBM EXP3000 1727 Model HC1
IBM ModelIBM Series & ModelNetApp Equivalent Model
IBM 2859-A10N3300 Model A10FAS2020
IBM 2859-A20N3300 Model A20FAS2020C
IBM 2859-A11N3400 Model A11FAS2240
IBM 2859-A21N3400 Model A21FAS2240C
IBM 2862-A10N3600 Model A10FAS2050
IBM 2862-A20N3600 Model A20FAS2050C
IBM 2863-A10N3700 Model A10FAS2070
IBM 2863-A20N3700 Model A20FAS2070C
IBM 2864-A10N5200 Model A10FAS3020
IBM 2864-A20N5200 Model A20FAS3020C
IBM 2869-A10N5300 Model A10FAS3040
IBM 2869-A20N5300 Model A20FAS3040C
IBM 2865-A10N5500 Model A10FAS3050
IBM 2865-A20N5500 Model A20FAS3050C
IBM 2868-A10N5600 Model A10FAS3070
IBM 2868-A20N5600 Model A20FAS3070C
IBM 2858-A10N6040 Model A10FAS3140
IBM 2858-A20N6040 Model A20FAS3140C
IBM 2858-A22N6060 Model A22FAS3160
IBM 2858-A11N6070 Model A10FAS3170
IBM 2858-A21N6070 Model A20FAS3170C
IBM 2866-A10N7600 Model A10FAS6030
IBM 2866-A20N7600 Model A20FAS6030C
IBM 2866-A21N7700 Model A10FAS6040
IBM 2866-A22N7700 Model A20FAS6040C
IBM 2867-A10N7800 Model A10FAS6070
IBM 2867-A20N7800 Model A20FAS6070C
IBM 2867-A11N7900 Model A10FAS6080
IBM 2867-A21N7900 Model A20FAS6080C