IBM iSeries & System i Maintenance Services

The IBM® iSeries (System i) server family continues to be a reliable hardware option for many businesses. As the IBM warranties expire, however, companies need options to continue support for this series of IBM equipment. We have the ability to support IBM iSeries and much more.

SMS leads the independent hardware maintenance market by consistently offering new maintenance engineering services well ahead of our competition at price points that cannot be beaten. We support a wide variety of IBM iSeries systems to help businesses have a viable alternative to OEM maintenance expenses.

We specialize in IBM iSeries & System i maintenance & support.

IBM iSeries maintenance from SMS is: 

  • Flexibility with customizable SLAs, invoicing and payment terms
  • Aggressive escalation that involves senior engineers in all incidents
  • 24/7/365 service with 15-minute response to page-outs and 4 hours on-site
  • "Call home" feature on all IBM iSeries
  • Skilled and cross-trained engineers backed by supervisory-level engineers.
  • We maintain an iSeries inventory of whole systems and all critical back-up parts.
  • Regular preventative and remedial maintenance
  • Proactive and regular reviews with the client to improve support
  • There's no need to sacrifice service or support levels in order to meet budget constraints.
  • You have access to SMS experts who understand iSeries hardware, capacity planning and environment planning.
Contact SMS to discuss your specific IBM iSeries maintenance and support needs and to discover SMS competitive pricing for all of your IT assets. SMS is ready to provide the expertise that you need at a cost-effective price.

IBM iSeries & System i Product Support Listing

Note: Not all supported products may be listed.
IBM iSeries Power7 Family   
IBM iSeries i795 (9119)IBM iSeries i755 (8236)IBM iSeries i730 (8231)
IBM iSeries i780 (9179)IBM iSeries i750 (8233)IBM iSeries i720 (8202)
IBM iSeries i770 (9117)IBM iSeries i740 (8205)IBM iSeries i710 (8231)
IBM iSeries Power6 Family 
IBM iSeries i570 (9406)IBM iSeries i520 (9408)
IBM iSeries i550 (9409)IBM iSeries i520 (9407)
IBM iSeries i5 Family  
IBM iSeries i595 (9406)IBM iSeries i515 (9407)
IBM iSeries i570 (9406)IBM iSeries i520 (9406)
IBM iSeries i550 (9406)