HP AlphaServer Maintenance Services

Businesses that continue to realize value from their HP AlphaServer VAX/VMS systems need a partner who can help them get the most out of their assets. SMS is the partner for your HP products and much more.

Clients everywhere have discovered that SMS sets the new standard for responsive, cost effective, third party maintenance for ALL the HP AlphaServer, Digital VAX and PDP-11 Servers.

SMS delivers best in class service and support for HP Legacy Alpha, VAX and PDP-11 with Hot-Line telephone support for VMS, OpenVMS, ULTRIX, Tru64 UNIX and RSTS solutions. Virtually all HP AlphaServer products are supported by SMS.

SMS delivers best in class service and support for HP Legacy products.

SMS delivers terrific support for all classic digital products. So long as OpenVMS delivers value to you with its stability and longevity, SMS will provide you with cost-effective maintenance services. SMS believes that a product's End-of-Service-Life (EoSL) can be extended easily and cost effectively with support from SMS, saving important budget dollars for truly necessary business objectives. Support for these systems includes:

  • Alpha AXP 64-bit reduced instruction set (RISC)
  • MIPS 32-bit reduced instruction set (RISC)
  • VAX 32-bit complex instruction set (CISC)
  • Legacy Digital PDP-11 discrete components
  • MicroVAX
  • VAX Server
  • VAXstation

All Legacy Digital PDP-11 products are supported by SMS (subject to spares availability). SMS offers comprehensive support for multiple platforms, including many great legacy Digital VAX, VAX/VMS and PDP-11 products that HP has decided to End-of-Life (EoL) or End-of-Service-Life (EoSL).

Our ability to offer a wide variety of support gives you a single source for all your service requirements without being forced into an expensive upgrade. To find out more about your specific HP AlphaServer system support options along with maintenance and support for many other manufacturers, contact SMS.

HP AlphaServer, DEC, and Digital Product Support Listing

Note: Not all supported products may be listed.
  • Alpha Servers
  • Alpha Server ES
  • DIGITAL Servers
  • Alpha Stations
  • Alpha Server GS
  • Alpha Server DS
  • DEC AXP Server