HP 3000 Maintenance Services

Clients everywhere are discovering that SMS is setting the new standard for responsive, cost effective, independent maintenance for all HP 3000 server products.

When Hewlett-Packard® announced end-of-life for their venerable HP3000 product line in November 2001, there was a backlash from the 5,000+ United States HP3000 clients. Because of the client loyalty to the HP3000 and the business critical nature of the applications it runs, SMS offers dynamic maintenance services for this platform.

SMS is uniquely positioned to provide a total service and support program that encompasses every critical aspect of the HP3000. From hardware maintenance to MPE operating system support and professional services, SMS can help. Our field engineering organization, teamed with a group of backline MPE engineers, provides more than a century of MPE expertise. Once again, you have a dependable source for systems maintenance and support for the HP3000 platform.

SMS protects your investment in the PA-RISC HP3000 servers.

HP3000 MPE Support Service Highlights:

  • Remote support via modem or Internet/VPN access
  • Performance analysis and system tuning
  • Memory dump analysis
  • Software update and patch implementation assistance
  • Image database experts
  • Support for all MPE subsystems and compilers
  • Monthly trend reports of response time, CPU, disk, and printer usage
  • Recovery Certification Testing to test backup tapes

SMS offers comprehensive support for multiple platforms, including many great legacy HP3000 products that HP has decided to End-of-Life (EoL) or End-of-Service-Life (EoSL). Our ability to offer a wide variety of support gives you a single source for all your service requirements without being forced into an expensive upgrade.

To find out more about your specific HP 3000 support options along with maintenance and support for many other manufacturers, contact SMS.

HP 3000 Product Support Listing

Note: Not all supported products may be listed.
  • HP 3000 Series 960, HP 3000 980, all HP 3000 9x7s
  • All 99x models, all 9x8 models, all 9x9 models
  • All A-class HP A400 and HP A500 models
  • All N-class N4000 models