EMC Connectrix Maintenance Services

The EMC2® Connectrix or McData product family provides quality storage solutions for many businesses. To adequately protect the investment in your EMC equipment, SMS has the maintenance and support services designed for your business.

SMS is the only proven alternative available in the marketplace for post-warranty EMC hardware support services. We have strategically built a new standard for responsive, cost effective, independent maintenance for most EMC Connectrix products. By choosing SMS, you can keep your post-warranty EMC products for as long as you choose, significantly controlling both operating and capital equipment expenses.

SMS protects your investment in the EMC Connectrix family.

Most Connectrix products supported by SMS are re-branded McData products for storage area network environments. Like support for so many of our products, SMS employs our HotSpares parts sparing strategy for Connectrix devices which makes our support superior to that of the OEM, as well as other third party support companies. SMS can:

  • Confirm that our port module works in your unit, prior to on-site arrival
  • Test out a configuration backup or restore before trying it on your SAN
  • Emulate your configurations in our local offices to ensure valid implementation.

To find out more about SMS maintenance and support services for your business, contact SMS for a comprehensive review and assessment!

EMC Connectrix Product Support Listing

Note: Not all supported products may be listed.
Connectrix Model NumberConnectrix FamilyDescription
Connectrix Model DS-16BConnectrix BrocadeSwitch, 1GB 16 Port Fibre Channel
Connectrix Model DS-16B2Connectrix BrocadeEmc 2GB 16-Port Departmental Switch
Connectrix Model DS-16B3Connectrix BrocadeSwitch, Emc 16-Port Full Fabric
Connectrix Model DS-16MConnectrix BrocadeSwitch, 16-P0Rt, FC, San
Connectrix Model DS200BConnectrix BrocadeSan Switch Brocade
Connectrix Model DS-220B-FF-0Connectrix BrocadeSwitch, 16-Ports FF w/8 Active
Connectrix Model DS-24M2Connectrix BrocadeSwitch, CLARiiON 2GB Departmental
Connectrix Model DS-300BConnectrix BrocadeConnectrix Ds-300B 8/24P Base Switch
Connectrix Model DS-32M2Connectrix BrocadeFC Switch, 2GBps, 32 Ports w/Optics
Connectrix Model DS-4100BConnectrix BrocadeSwitch, Badged Brocade 4100,4/32
Connectrix Model DS-4400M-08Connectrix BrocadeSwitch 4GB 8/16 FC Port Shortwave
Connectrix Model DS-4700M-16Connectrix BrocadeSwitch, 4GB, 32-Port, Sw, w/16 Act
Connectrix Model DS-4900BConnectrix BrocadeSwitch, 64 Port San/32
Connectrix Model DS-5000BConnectrix BrocadeSwitch, 4/32 San, 32 Port
Connectrix Model DS-5100BConnectrix BrocadeSwitch, Connectrix DS-5100B 24-Port 8GB
Connectrix Model DS-8BConnectrix BrocadeSwitch, 8 Port Connectrix Single FC Dept
Connectrix Model DS-8B2Connectrix BrocadeSwitch, Brocade 3200, 8-Port, 2GB, FC
Connectrix Model DS-8B3-FF-0Connectrix BrocadeSwitch, Ds8B3 8-Port Full Fabric
Connectrix Model ED-10000MConnectrix BrocadeChassis 2 SWMS 0/256 Ports Director
Connectrix Model ED-140MConnectrix BrocadeSwitch, 140-Port FCDirector
Connectrix Model ED-24000BConnectrix BrocadeED-24000B Director Chassis No Port
Connectrix Model ED-48000BConnectrix BrocadeSwitch, Brocade 48000 Silkworm
Connectrix Model ED-5000Connectrix BrocadeDirector, FC, 32 Modules
Connectrix Model ED-6064Connectrix Brocade64 Port FICON Director With IBM Cup
Connectrix Model ED-6140Connectrix BrocadeIntrepid Ed-6064 Director Base
Connectrix Model ED-64MConnectrix BrocadeSwitch, Connectrix Director, 64 Port