EMC Celerra Maintenance Services

Your EMC2® Celerra investment should be maintained and supported by the best possible IT service providers. With SMS as your maintenance and support partner, you will be connected to the best available alternative to EMC. Our solutions, along with a team of certified EMC support professionals, provide the confidence you require.

SMS is the only proven alternative available in the marketplace for post-warranty EMC hardware support services. We have strategically built a new standard for responsive, cost effective, independent maintenance for most EMC Celerra products. By choosing SMS, you can keep your post-warranty EMC products for as long as you choose, significantly controlling both operating and capital equipment expenses.

SMS protects your investment in the EMC Celerra family.

Celerra is a NAS file server, available as an integrated unit or as a NAS header that can be added to an independent EMC storage array. The integrated unit uses a CLARiiON unit as its storage layer, which provides connectivity via iSCSI or fibre channel.

The Celerra is available with a single data mover or with multiple data movers in an active-passive N+1 configuration. Using the DART operating system, the Celerra can be configured to use CIFS, NFS, FTP, NDMP, TFTP or MPFS protocols. De-duplication, replication and storage tiering are also configuration options for the Celerra system.

The Celerra has specific performance, availability, and scalability requirements. Once you have stabilized this environment, your goal is to minimize your post-warranty operating and capital equipment expenses in the post warranty period. SMS can help!

To find out more about SMS maintenance and support services for your business, contact SMS for a comprehensive review and assessment!

EMC Celerra Product Support Listing

Note: Not all supported products may be listed.
Celerra Model NumberCelerra FamilyDescription
Celerra Model NS350CelerraNS350 NAS and CX300 AUX
Celerra Model NS500CelerraNS500 NAS and CX500 AUX
Celerra Model NS600CelerraNS600 NAS and CX600 AUX
Celerra Model NS700CelerraNS700 NAS and CX700 AUX
Celerra Model NS20CelerraNS20 NAS / CX3-10 AUX or Gateway Server
Celerra Model NS40CelerraNS40 NAS and CX3-40 AUX
Celerra Model NS80CelerraNS80 NAS and CX3-80 AUX
Celerra Model NX4CelerraNX4 NAS and AX4 AUX
Celerra Model NS4-120CelerraNS120 NAS / CX4-120 AUX
Celerra Model NS4-480CelerraNS480 NAS / CX4-480 AUX
Celerra Model NS4-960CelerraNS960 NAS / CX4-960 AUX
Celerra Model NS500GGateway ServerNAS File Server 1-2 DataMovers
Celerra Model NS600GGateway ServerNAS File Server 1-2 DataMovers
Celerra Model NS700GGateway ServerNAS File Server 2-4 DataMovers
Celerra Model NS40GGateway ServerNAS File Server, 2-4 DataMovers
Celerra Model NS80GGateway ServerNAS File Server 2-4 DataMovers
Celerra Model NSXGateway ServerNAS Filer Server 2-8 DataMovers
Celerra Model NSG2Gateway ServerNAS Filer Server 2 DataMovers
Celerra Model NSG8Gateway ServerNAS Filer Server 2-8 DataMovers