Cisco Networking Maintenance & Support

The SMS Cisco Networking Maintenance and Support service offering is designed to ensure its clients achieve maximum performance for minimum expense across the connected enterprise. The main focus is to add long term value by maintaining the core to edge network and ensuring the infrastructure is fully optimised and the business is ready for the influx of data and the software enabled world.

Service benefits:
  • CCIE and CCNP certified TAC Team providing Cisco® hardware troubleshooting and networking configuration support 24x7
  • Service Level Agreements that mirror support provided by Cisco
  • Relaxed RMA policy enables immediate shipment of replacement parts
  • Expert guidance throughout IT asset lifecycles
  • Free access to SMS Supportal for IT asset management, incident tracking and reporting
Service value:
  • SMS Cisco support averages 50% less than Cisco support
  • Increased control of capital equipment expenses and a greater ROI from Cisco asset lifecycle extensions well beyond the “End of Support” or “End of  Software Maintenance” date
  • Tailored SLAs that allow optimisation of response and repair requirements for each IT asset
Cisco Networking Maintenance and Support highlights:
  • Global service availability (English language TAC support only)
  • UK-based SMS TAC Team providing configuration support and troubleshooting 24x7
  • On-site support provided by 600+ member Field Engineering Team
  • 90+ SMS-owned and operated service centres worldwide
  • Comprehensive service assurance process
  • Tailored, asset-level SLAs
  • Maintenance management for devices that remain under Cisco support
  • Numerous methods for initiating a service request
  • Documented escalation procedures
  • Carefully designed parts sparing system for each Cisco platform
  • On-site and strategic stocking locations for parts
  • Secure data erasure options available
  • Fix-IT-First® policy
  • Committed to best practice, yet open to any service customisation
  • Monthly billing options for planned refreshes
  • Well-known by Gartner, long list of Cisco support references

Protecting businesses with a Cisco support infrastructure unlike any other
independent maintainer.

The SMS Cisco support infrastructure has been specifically designed to mirror the Cisco support model by providing service excellence in a far greater commercially attractive offering:

  • UK-based SMS Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) Team comprised of highly skilled and experienced:
    • CCIEs
    • CCNPs
  • 24x7 TAC operation providing:
    • In-depth network troubleshooting
    • Advanced configuration support for all current and legacy Cisco routing, switching and security product lines
  • Multiple hardware replacement options including:
    • In-house replacement by the client
    • SMS Field Engineer replacement and support
  • Multiple hardware stocking options including:
    • On-site stocking
    • Stocked at one of SMS’ 90+ strategically located global service facilities.

Expert guidance that will shed light on the facts and save your business money.

While the expertise of our TAC Team, Field Engineering Team and support operations are equal to Cisco’s, the financial benefit a business can incur is what really makes the SMS Cisco Networking Maintenance and Support service stand apart from the OEM. As an example, we were able to save a “top 3” money centre bank more than £10 million across a single platform while continuing to meet their required 2-hour SLA. As part of the support service, we make it quick and simple for a business to find out where, why and how much it can save.

A key component of our Cisco Networking Maintenance and Support service is a proprietary tool we developed called SMS ClearViewSM for Cisco. Our ClearView tool analyses the same equipment lists a business would use to renew a Cisco support contract to quickly pinpoint every asset that will benefit from SMS support. This free analysis provides businesses with an in-depth understanding of:

  • Cisco devices that require OEM support and why it is required
  • Cisco devices that are perfectly suited for SMS Cisco support services and why. This explanation generally includes:
    • Cisco hardware having free IOS updates such as Cisco Edge switches with IP based images including:
      • 2900, 3560, 3570 & 4500 series switches
    • Cisco hardware that has past its “End of Software Maintenance” date such as:
      • Cisco Catalyst 6509-E switch with a Sup-720 supervisor module
    • Cisco hardware that has past its “End of Support” date
    • Cisco hardware that is a mature, stable product set
    • And other factors.

This information can greatly increase a business’ insight as to how Cisco support programs work and allow them to gain greater control over their capital equipment expenses. In most cases, this analysis reveals 40 to 60 percent of a business’ Cisco hardware can be effectively supported by SMS without sacrificing access to software updates or service levels. It’s a simple, user-friendly process designed to help simplify the burdens associated with budget analysis and transition justification.

Keeping the clients best interests in mind by ensuring operational simplicity.

Knowing the huge amount of time and energy required by businesses to manage their IT, we made it a priority to ensure that our Cisco Networking Maintenance and Support service did not introduce any additional management burden by adding a maintenance management component to our service offering. This maintenance management program eliminates any additional operational complexity by making SMS the single point of contact for all Cisco hardware support, even if the hardware is under a Cisco support contract.

Under this program, we make it simple by:

  • Maintaining all details of the hardware supported by Cisco
  • Maintaining all details of the hardware supported by SMS
  • Preloading all Cisco asset information into SMS Supportal for easy asset management
  • Preloading all Cisco support contract information into SMS Supportal for easy contract management
  • Opening TAC cases on the client’s behalf with Cisco
  • Monitoring Cisco TAC cases to ensure rapid call escalations should the need arise.

Well–known by Gartner, and having a long list of Cisco support references, no other independent provider of Cisco networking maintenance and support services provides the innovation, insightfulness and expertise like SMS, the leading independent Cisco support provider.