Data Centre Inventory and Audit Services

The SMS Data Centre Inventory and Audit service allows businesses to obtain the valuable information they require for a complete and accurate IT asset inventory. It simplifies the cumbersome process of performing the inventories in-house, significantly reducing associated costs. The service collates accurate information as to what IT assets a business has and where they are located, which is vital to guarantee data security, account for asset depreciation and to ensure maximum asset utilisation and ROI.

Service benefits:
  • Global availability
  • Cross-functional, multi-platform system experts
  • Single or simultaneous multi-site projects
  • Helps to secure valuable business data
  • Expertise that overcomes limiting factors of automated inventory applications
  • Customisable suite of add-on IT services that allow for additional cost savings, proactive planning and enhanced decision making
Service value:
  • Reduces cost and generates a greater ROI
  • Creates added efficiencies in IT operation workflows
  • Reduces IT management and staff burden
  • Reduces employee overhead and/or need for temporary staffing and training
  • Free access to SMS Supportal for ongoing inventory management
Data Centre Inventory and Audit service highlights:​
  • Global availability
  • Cross-functional, multi-platform experienced asset and systems experts
  • Single or simultaneous multi-site projects
  • Able to work in combination with automated inventory collection
  • Gap analysis between automated discovery and physical audit
  • Customisable data point collection
  • Customisable projects with simultaneous add-on services
  • Free access to SMS Supportal for ongoing management of IT asset data

Meticulous expertise that no automated software can match.

In our extensive experience of inventory and audit projects, SMS has found that automated inventory collection software cannot find one hundred percent of a business’ IT hardware inventory. Key factors for this include:

  • Systems that are powered off
  • Assets that are outside the DMZ
  • Technology that is too old for the application
  • Devices that are not connected to the network.

These factors severely limit the automated inventory applications ability to provide complete inventories.

To ensure a complete and accurate IT asset inventory is provided to its clients, SMS uses human expertise and experience. With a large global footprint, SMS is able to deploy inventory and audit teams in parallel across entire enterprises and also work in conjunction with automated inventory collection applications. SMS can ensure that a complete wall-to-wall IT asset inventory is accomplished in all required locations including:

  • Device manufacturer
  • Asset name
  • Asset make and model
  • Device serial number
  • System platform category
  • Asset tag number
  • Location which includes floor, room, rack, row, u-space, etc.
  • Connected peripherals
  • Power supplies
  • NIC cards
  • Short description.

SMS is able to deploy inventory and audit teams in parallel across entire enterprises and also work in conjunction with automated inventory collection applications, consequently saving businesses time and obtaining quick and accurate results.

Accurate, actionable data allowing for maximum utilisation and ROI.

To maximise IT asset utilisation and ROI, a business must first have a real life view of what assets they own and in what state they are in. For example, if an asset is pulled from production in one area or department of a business, it does not necessarily mean that the asset has no production value serving another purpose elsewhere in the business. Repurposing IT assets is an extremely efficient way to maximise utilisation.

Furthermore, if an asset is found to be truly unable to provide the capabilities required for production, there may still be a residual market value. Reselling these assets at the right time is a great way to generate additional, unaccounted ROI. The key is having accurate, actionable data to be able to take the first step towards proactive management of IT assets.

Enabling enhanced IT asset management.​

Because highly skilled technical personnel perform the SMS inventory and audit service, they are also able to provide other strategic data points or add-on services that enable proactive planning, enhanced decision making and additional cost savings. This includes the capability to simultaneously perform:

  • Internal IT hardware audits
  • Facility reviews
  • Location risk assessments
  • Asset tagging
  • Asset repurposing
  • Asset relocation
  • Secure data erasure
  • Digital media shredding
  • Asset resale and asset disposal.

SMS is following the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive - WEEE Directive certified and ISO9001, therefore all IT asset disposition services are carried out following strict guidelines to ensure employee safety and environmentally responsible asset recycling.

Helping to keep your IT asset management efforts on track.

Knowing the complexity inherent to IT asset tracking and the high cost and sometimes difficult implementation of IT asset management applications, SMS has developed the online support application, SMS Supportal to help businesses maintain their critical IT asset data which is provided to all clients free of charge. Should a business already have an IT asset management application, collected data is delivered in a versatile Microsoft Excel format.

SMS is constantly innovating and improving upon its service offerings in order to solve and simplify the challenges posed by the continually evolving IT environment. With a strategic combination of skill, experience, flexibility and global reach, no other company can match the expertise and value of the Data Centre Inventory and Audit services provided by SMS.