IT Asset Deployment & Rollout Services

Our IT asset installation and deployment services focus on helping businesses accomplish successful IT implementations that are virtually seamless to their operations.

Implementing new technology often requires precise preparation to ensure that IT assets are fully functional and quickly deployed to minimize end-user interruption and downtime. This preparation can also include allocation of space for warehousing and staging areas for deployment, all of which are easily accomplished utilizing SMS engineering teams and our global network of strategically located service centers.

Our engineering teams can build, image, configure, and tag your IT assets making sure to eliminate any potential pitfalls that would cause additional labor costs or hinder a timely deployment. If pre-owned IT equipment plays a significant role in your data center, our engineers can ensure that any special installation and setup requirements are met.

SMS provides value-adds unmatched by most other IT service companies.

Should you require ongoing support for your new IT implementation, you will also receive resources that will improve efficiency in managing these deployed assets through the use of our proprietary web application, Supportal.

We know that delays in IT equipment installation or deployment can lead to loss of revenue for your business. When you need IT equipment installed quickly, the quality IT installation and deployment services provided by SMS can keep your data center operating at full capacity, without interruption.

Get a quote for your upcoming IT asset installation or deployment!
Contact SMS with the following information regarding your IT equipment installation:
  • Your requested install date and start time
  • Your equipment inventory and location.
SMS will quote you an estimated price to accomplish the following:
  • Unpack IT equipment and dispose of packaging
  • Install equipment including the device, power cords, rail kit and network drops
  • Run appropriate tests and diagnostics to ensure correct product installation
  • Verify equipment operates in accordance with your scripts
  • Verify that pre-installation service pre-requisites are met
  • Provide your staff with product orientation.
  • List item

Don't let IT asset installation and deployment tasks use up your business's valuable time, resources, or budget. We offer the agility and flexibility of a local solutions provider, along with the expertise and resources of a global enterprise integrator.