IT Asset Disposal Services

Helping to keep valuable data secure, offering environmentally responsible choices, simplifying operational workflows and providing a greater ROI is precisely what our IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) suite of services is designed to do. With ITAD from SMS, IT leaders have the ability to choose exactly what services they need to fill the gaps in their ITAD strategy, or simply have us handle the process from beginning to end.

SMS follows the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive - WEEE Directive and ISO9001, therefore our ITAD offering encompasses all of the services a business needs to properly manage an IT asset’s end-of-life, whilst performing these services in an environmentally responsible way.

Service benefits:
  • Global ITAD availability
  • Cross-functional, multi-platform experienced team
  • Provides greater control, flexibility and scalability for one-time projects or complete process outsourcing
  • Environmentally responsible processes
    Allows for enhanced planning and decision making
Service value:
  • Reduces ITAD costs
  • Generates a greater ROI
  • Creates added efficiencies in IT operation workflows
  • Reduces IT management and staff burden
  • Reduces employee overhead and/or need for temporary staffing and training
IT Asset Disposal service highlights:
  • Global availability
  • Cross-functional, multi-platform experienced team
  • Able to properly and securely recycle all IT hardware types
  • Single, multi-site or ongoing projects
  • Simultaneous data erasure and/or media shredding service availability which meet data protection requirements
  • Chain of custody reporting
  • Certificates of erasure or destruction for sanitised media
  • SMS follows the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive - WEEE Directive and ISO9001

​Providing IT leaders with smart options.​

Our ITAD services suite provides IT leaders with the flexibility of having us perform a one-time IT asset takeout service, or an enterprise-wide, process integrated ITAD service for everything including:

  • Enterprise systems 
  • Storage arrays 
  • Desktop devices
  • Smartphones
  • PDAs
  • Flash drives
  • And more.

Not only does our ITAD suite of services provide a sophisticated solution for IT asset decommissioning, but can also be combined with one or more of our other service offerings to provide even greater scalability. These add-on services include:

  • Secure on-site or off-site data erasure
  • Disk and tape shredding
  • IT asset inventory and audits
  • IT asset redeployment 
  • IT asset resale.

This smart scalability provides IT leaders with the options needed to create an extremely efficient ITAD process which is not only cost-effective, but can also help to generate a greater ROI for IT assets that are no longer usable in production environments. This increased ROI is a result of our IT hardware maintenance business and the need to replenish our spare parts inventories. Even if your IT asset has no residual market value, it may be worth something to us.

Reducing risk while protecting people and the environment.

We take the safety of employees and the health of the environment seriously. Because of this, we provide businesses with a best practices framework to effectively manage the different types of risks they face, whether they are environmental, safety, legal, operational, or client related.

SMS follows the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive - WEEE Directive and ISO9001, we adhere to stringent standards throughout our recycling chain to ensure:

  • Data is secure through rigorous requirements for chain of custody and data destruction
  • No use of incinerators
  • No hazardous e-waste will end up in landfills
  • No hazardous e-waste is shipped to developing countries
  • Use of a management system to achieve legal compliance with all laws, including the Basel Convention.

SMS is constantly innovating and improving upon its service offerings to solve and simplify the challenges posed by the continually evolving IT environment that all IT leaders face. From small-scale IT hardware refreshes to ongoing, enterprise-wide ITAD, we offer a uniquely scalable ITAD solution to fit the requirements of businesses large and small, local or global, federally regulated or simply passionate about protecting our planet. Take the next step and let SMS help your business meet its needs, goals, wants or requirements.