Data Centre Strategy & Selection Consultation

IT leaders continually face difficult challenges as IT and data centre environments evolve and become increasingly complex. IT leaders must confront a challenge that requires knowledge and experience outside the scope of normal day to day operations. These challenges include:

  • Multi-site data centre consolidations
  • Data centre integrations
  • Colocation transitions
  • Disaster recovery implementation
  • Cloud computing initiatives.

IT leaders that face these complex challenges often find themselves with far more questions than answers. Addressing these challenges is made easy with our Data Centre Strategy and Selection Consultation service. Working closely with our clients, we will provide answers to your toughest questions and develop a comprehensive business case and financial models allowing you to easily determine the best course of action for your data centre environment.

Service benefits:​
  • Global availability
  • Expert advisors with hands-on industry experience
  • Providing consultation for every facet of a data centre transition no matter how complex
  • Advanced project scalability when combined with other SMS IT support services
Service value:​
  • Reduces IT management and staff burden
  • Reduces data centre transition costs
  • Ensures short project timelines can be met
  • Provides adaptive solutions to ensure long term business objectives can be met
  • Provides an objective perspective, current market trend insights, best practices framework, and accurate capacity forecasts
Data Centre Strategy & Selection Consultation service highlights:​
  • Advisory focal points include:
    • Project efficiency
    • Minimising / Reducing costs
    • Designing adaptive solutions to meet future needs
    • Maximising data centre production during transition
  • Data centre strategy:
    • Business case
      • Influencing factors
        IT organisational maturity
      • Best practices
      • Market trends
      • Capacity plan
    • Data centre options
      • Alternatives considered
      • Obstacle and risk assessment
      • Recommended approach
    • Financial model
      • Option review
      • Current price trends
      • Capacity and cost projections
    • Future site selection criteria
      • Location hazards and risks
      • 5 - 7 year cost projections
      • Capacity assessments
      • Short list of site options
      • Recommended solution
    • High level approach and next steps
      • Timeline
      • Resource identification
      • Recommended solution
      • Executive presentation
  • Site selection:
    • Detailed site selection criteria
      • Prioritised based on strategy, financial model, and influencing factors
    • Location parameters
      • Hazard assessments
    • Vetted location options
      • Reviewed and netted to short list for further analysis
    • Preliminary analysis per location
      • Discreet negotiations with potential vendors
      • Financial implications and pre-negotiated cost analysis
      • Hazard review
      • References
      • Recommended short list and presentation
    • Short list of locations
      • Establish site selection criteria for each location
      • Assignment and customer resources/ stakeholders
      • NDA contract processing
      • Site visit logistics
    • Site criteria analysis and recommended approach
      • Risk and financial analysis for short listed locations
      • Comprehensive business case and recommended site
      • Final contract negotiations
        Executive presentation and next steps

Providing IT leaders with the knowledge of seasoned professionals.

Having successfully completed thousands of data centre transition projects, the experts that make up the SMS Transitional Services Team are highly specialised with a tremendous amount of knowledge and hands-on experience. From co-location transitions to global, multi-site data centre strategies, there is no project too complex. Providing IT leaders with sound solutions using industry best practices, SMS experts provide strategic insight and help guide a business through every step of its project, approaching each with an intense focus on providing solutions that not only meet client requirements, but also continue to be effective, economical and flexible solutions well into the future. To develop and deliver a strong business case, which includes financial modeling and multiple solution options, these experts use:

  • Key data points within the client’s organisation
  • A best practices framework
  • Future state requirements
  • The latest market trends.

Expert advisement that simplifies even the most complex projects.

The SMS Transitional Services Team is comprised of industry experts experienced in:

  • Data centre design
  • Data centre builds
  • Disaster recovery site strategies
  • Multi-site complexities
  • Data centre operations and management.

This team also includes many IT experts that provide tactical platform and system specific solutions when needed to overcome obstacles such as managing the increasingly dense computing environments.

Engaging SMS for a Data Centre Strategy and Selection Consultation is simple and the service is highly customisable. And because of their experience, the SMS Transitional Services Team begins every consultation project with a clear client perspective. When businesses call on SMS to provide guidance through one of the most difficult challenges they may face, the expertise, experience and unrelenting dedication to the client’s success is what they can expect.

Providing IT leaders with advanced scalability.

Our Data Centre Strategy and Selection Consultation service can also be combined with many other complementary SMS services which provide advanced project scalability. These services include:

  • Data centre relocations, consolidations and migrations
  • System decommissioning
    • Secure on-site or off-site data erasure
    • Secure on-site or off-site disk and tape shredding
    • IT asset disposition (SMS follows the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive - WEEE Directive and ISO9001) 
  • Secure on-site or off-site data erasure
  • Secure on-site or off-site disk and tape shredding
  • IT hardware maintenance
  • Internal IT hardware audits
  • IT asset repurposing
  • IT asset resale.

With a unique combination of experience, capability, flexibility and global reach, no other company can match the benefits and value of the Data Centre Strategy and Selection Consultation services provided by SMS.