SMS Global Affiliate Program

The Global Affiliate Program is designed to establish mutually beneficial relationships with third-party hardware and software maintenance providers ("TPMs") and value-added resellers ("VARs") around the world. Few independent IT support service companies have the technical expertise, geographic breadth and the product support capabilities that are often required in today's global marketplace.

Developing the infrastructure to deploy into new geographies or to offer new or enhanced services can be cost prohibitive, especially within our rapidly changing and evolving IT industry. SMS believes we can establish a relationship where both organizations can capitalize on each others existing strengths.

Our combined strengths will create more value for our clients.

SMS builds value-add relationships with TPMs / VARs that can benefit from our direct service capabilities and where we can benefit from theirs. Think of the SMS Global Affiliate Program as a way in which we can offer each other complementary strengths to better serve our respective client bases with an expanded offering.

  • Access SMS's direct support capabilities through its more than 90 owned service centers throughout North America and Asia
  • Engage SMS Central Engineering, which consists of Level 3-4 senior engineers and product support specialists, available 24x7x365
  • Capitalize on our extensive sparing / warehousing logistics and locally stored inventory of parts and whole systems
  • Serve as an extension of SMS to our 3,000+ global clients
  • Expand your service offerings and geographic reach without capital investment in infrastructure and fixed payroll expense
  • Gain competitive advantage by broadening your support capabilities
  • Increase revenue by expanding your share of your clients' IT support requirements
  • Trust that the partnership is rooted in a "client-first" philosophy

Vetting Affiliate Partners:

SMS has an established vetting process which will be of significant benefit to both parties. This process includes completing a qualifications questionnaire and participating in a call or meeting with the product specialists / experts at each company. It is an important meeting to establish mutual credibility and begin to build a foundation of trust.

Partnerships are too often hurried and not well planned enough to ensure a deeper level of value. We aim to develop smart partnerships which are mutually beneficial by means of complementing strengths, broadening geographic reach, and exceeding each other's criteria for reputation and credibility. Trust and credibility are key to long-lasting partnerships.

Next Steps to Global Affiliate Participation:

  • Contact SMS for an initial discussion and to schedule a call or meeting
  • Share appropriate marketing materials
  • Schedule and complete the initial overview presentation covering existing strengths, key differentiators, direct service geographies / capabilities and objectives for both companies
  • Sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement)
  • Complete a Qualifications Questionnaire
  • Complete product or service specialist meetings with one another
  • Establish a formal agreement (MSA / MPA)
  • Review current or pending needs

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